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Playing with molecular Lego to build the next generation of drug delivery vectors

albertazzi ACS nano

albertazzi ACS nanoMany drugs are hindered in their therapeutic potential by issues such as too-fast clearance by the kidneys, undesirable properties, lack of selectivity, and poor internalization in the cell. Nanotechnology has the potential to alter the landscape of medicine by providing targeted solutions for the delivery of small-molecule drugs and biopharmaceuticals.

Now, new IBEC junior group leader Lorenzo Albertazzi and his former colleagues at the Eindhoven University of Technology, working together with industry partner Novartis, have made a leap in drug delivery vectors by developing a new type of carrier with some groundbreaking improvements.

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“Envelliment humà, on estan els límits?”


ateneuOn Wednesday evening IBEC Director Josep Samitier will be a speaker at a free public lecture organised by the Secció de Ciència i Tecnologia de l’Ateneu Barcelonès as part of the association’s “+Humans: el futur de la nostra espècie” cycle.

In “Envelliment humà, on estan els límits?” Josep and another expert, Dr. Joan Guàrdia of the Institut de Recerca Cervell, Cognició i Conducta (IR3C) and psychology professor at the University de Barcelona, will share their views on human ageing, specificially the morphological and physiological changes that appear as a result of the action of time on human beings. The public event will will take place at the Sala Verdaguer of the Ateneu Barcelonès on Wednesday 10th February at 19:00.

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