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How we learn in chunks – and what it means for the brain

fonollosa numbers

fonollosa numbersIn some research conducted with his colleagues at the University of California San Diego, IBEC senior researcher Jordi Fonollosa has shed some light on the mechanisms behind how we memorize sequences – as well as how failures in these mechanisms can provide insight into neurological disorders.

Previous behavioral experiments suggest that humans and some animals learn and recall sequences in smaller segments.

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IBEC ERC grantee meets business angels


pauandxavierIBEC group leader and ICREA research professor Pau Gorostiza was one of nine ERC Proof of Concept holders to take part in the European Business Angel Network (EBAN) Winter University this week in Copenhagen.

Pau pitched his project, THERALIGHT: Therapeutic Applications of Light-Regulated Drugs, to the investors from all over the world at the event, which he attended alongside eight other awardees specially selected by the ERC. Together they made up nearly half of the 20 European start-ups hoping to catch the eye of an investor interested in exploring the innovation potential of their findings.

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