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New hope against growing threat of antibiotic resistance

torrents feb 2015 image sm

torrents feb 2015 image smThe increasing prevalence of bacteria that are resistant to current antibiotics pose an escalating threat to human health. Now, researchers in Barcelona have identified a molecule with huge potential as a new type of antibacterial agent

Access to effective antibiotics is essential in all health systems. Their use has reduced childhood mortality and increased life expectancy, and they are crucial for invasive surgery and treatments such as cancer chemotherapy and organ transplants.

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Other news

Public event on IBEC research into light-controlled drugs


SONY DSCAs Spain’s expert in optogenetics and optopharmacology, IBEC group leader Pau Gorostiza will the the star of the next “Diálogos por la Ciencia” event in Madrid next week.

An initiative of the Fundación “la Caixa”, “Diálogos por la Ciencia” are a new way of communicating science to the public, in which prestigious scientists with international recognition are interviewed live in front of a audience of the public by a renowned journalist.
ICREA research professor Pau, who heads IBEC’s Nanoprobes and Nanoswitches group, will talk about his work developing light-controlled drugs at the event in Madrid on 25th March.

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