Research news

A research team develop biotransistors able to hear small beats of live

Researchers at IBEC and ICMAB develop a flexible, cheap and biocompatible transistor platform able to record an electrocardiogram of cells and micro-tissues during long periods of time.

The platform, based on organic transistor technology (EGOFET), can also measure the effect of drugs on beating cells, as cardiomyocytes, opening the door to several applications such as implantable devices for health.

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Other news

HealthTech World Cancer Day 2020 “Smarter technologies to beat cancer!”

IBEC-managed Spanish Nanotechnology Platform, NanoMed Spain, is co-hosteing the seventh edition of Health TECH World Cancer Day, a global initiative organized as part of World Cancer Day. It’s the fifth year running that the platform hosts the conference, which will take place next 3rd February at Sala Pau Viladiu at Hospital Duran i Reynals. Josep Samitier (Scientific Coordinator of NANOMED Spain and Director of the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia) and Isabel Fabregat (Coordinator of the Molecular Mechanisms and Experimental Therapy in Oncology Program and Researcher at IDIBELL) will be in charge of the opening ceremony.

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