Research news

Closer to a functional atlas of the brain

Scientists from the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia develop a technique that enables them to work out the specific function of a neuronal receptor according to its location in the brain. The study, published in PNAS, is based on the activation of photoswitchable drugs with micrometric precision and offers new opportunities in neurobiology.

Schizophrenia, depression, myasthenia… Many neurological diseases are due to the malfunctioning of a neuronal receptor. These proteins, also known as neuroreceptors, are responsible for sending and detecting neurotransmitters, chemical substances that allow communication between neurons.

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Other news

IBEC welcomes three new Associated researchers

Three new Associated researchers have affiliated to IBEC this year. Professor Jordi Alcaraz joined last January and both professors Carlos Alemán and Jordi Puiggalí this past April.

Associated researchers are university professors seconded to IBEC who are working on topics that are of interest or complementary to our research areas. They participate in IBEC’s scientific strategy, academic activities and support initiatives, and have the option to submit project proposals and papers with IBEC affiliation. Recruitment is carried out according to several criteria such as scientific excellence and alignment with IBEC’s institutional strategy. Associated researchers are approved by the International Scientific Committee, which evaluates their performance on a regular basis.

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