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RESEARCH NEWS   Friday, 22 August 2014

  • Researchers measure a property of DNA for the first time

    The electric polarizability of DNA is a fundamental property that directly influences its biological functions. Despite the importance of this property, however, its measurement has remained elusive so far.

    In a study published in PNAS today, researchers at Barcelona’s

  • IBEC group uncovers new mechanism for wound healing

    When we think of wound healing, we normally think of wounds to our skin. But wounds happen inside the body in all sorts of tissues and organs, and can have implications in many chronic diseases such as diabetes and asthma. Wounds also favour cancer progression by providing a physical [...]

  • Delving deeper into the inner workings of cells

    Research carried out at IBEC has opened the way to new applications to control the activation of neurons and other working parts of cells.

    The dream of precisely and remotely controlling every aspect of the cell’s inner workings in tissue offers the promise of uncovering


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IBEC research on the cover of Nanotechnology
08/07/2014 - article thumbnailThe latest article published by IBEC's Nanoscale bioelectrical characterization group has made the cover of the journal Nanotechnology. [...]
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