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RESEARCH NEWS   Sunday, 01 February 2015

  • Wounds heal using a cellular ‘tug-of-war’

    Researchers at IBEC reveal in a Nature Communications paper some surprising mechanics that drive epithelial gap closure in the absence of underlying layers

    In a collaboration with their colleagues at the Mechanobiology Institute in Singapore,

  • A further step towards light-controlled drugs

    Researchers in Barcelona discover more potential candidates on the route to tailored, photo-switchable therapies by disproving design limitation

    Last year, scientists at the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC), IRB Barcelona and the UB announced that they

  • Key player identified in bacterial infections

    A group at IBEC has a identified a important factor in E. coli infection, opening the way to developing targeted drugs against the potentially deadly condition.

    Most E. coli bacterial strains occur naturally in the human gut and pose no harm to health,


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“Mini-kidney" scientist joins IBEC with ERC grant
29/01/2015 - article thumbnailA new group leader at IBEC brings one of the most prestigious funding awards, an ERC Starting Grant, to continue her research into kidney regeneration Nuria Montserrat (Barcelona, 1978) is one of jus [...]
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