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Researchers generate human heart grafts from human pluripotent stem cells


Foto2Scientists from IBEC, in collaboration with the Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañón in Spain and two other groups in the USA, have made a big leap in heart regeneration advances by achieving heart grafts from human pluripotent stem cells for the first time in less than one month.

The collaborators, working in Spain and the USA, describe in the journal Biomaterials how they decellularized human hearts, all of which had been determined not suitable for transplantation by the Spanish National Transplant Organization. They left the extracellular matrix, the structure that provides cells with structural and biochemical support, intact.

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Other news

“Peru-sing” collaboration opportunities in South America


josepperuIBEC Director Josep Samitier was visiting Peru last week as part of a delegation of representatives from Severo Ochoa and Maria de Maeztu research centres in Spain.

The visit to Lima, organised by MINECO, which bestows the two types of Excellence awards, aimed to bring together the top Spanish institutions with those of the Pacific Alliance – Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

Each of the eight Spanish centres presented their research and international strategies, and they had the chance to hear about the same from Pacific Alliance centers, as well as identifying potential synergies.

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