600 attend Bojos per la Ciència opening ceremony

600 people attended the opening ceremony of “Bojos per la Ciència” (Crazy about Science), the Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera initiative that aims to encourage scientific vocation, at Món Sant Benet on Friday.

2018 will be the first year that IBEC takes part in the initiative, first launched in 2013, which offers courses to selected high school students who show aptitude in science.

IBEC’s course on bioengineering – which has 25 people enrolled – will introduce students to the multidisciplinary environment offered by the field, where different disciplines come together to solve health problems.

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43 researchers and 3 support staff will contribute to the 21 theoretical-practical sessions on Saturdays from January to October, during which the students will find out about the controlled release of drugs, biomaterials, regenerative therapies and the medicine of the future, among other topics. They’ll also be able to take part in complementary workshops dealing with ethical questions or that provide specific training in the environment of a research laboratory.

“We hope that this programme will help students learn more about the world of bioengineering research, as well as making a direct and positive contribution to their futures as scientists,” says Pilar Jimenez, IBEC’s Coordinator of Events and Outreach, who is managing the institute’s involvement in the initiative.

For more information, check out the Bojos per la Ciència website.

IBEC in the Media: http://tvbadalona.xiptv.cat/badalona-tres60/capitol/30-de-gener-de-2018 (from minute 70″)