Postdoc researcher at the Molecular and Cellular Neurobiotechnology Research Group

Application Deadline: 31/12/2019
Ref: PD-TR

The The Molecular and Cellular Neurobiotechnology group at the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC) is looking for a Postdoctoral researcher to develop a research project on new strategies for the treatment of spinal cord injuries. The contract will be within the framework of Severo Ochoa program, whose objective is to promote excellence in the research institute.

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Junior Communication Officer

Application Deadline: 20/12/2019
The Communications Unit is looking for a Junior Communication Officer to reinforce the international reputation of IBEC and provide support to European Projects coordinated by the Institute.
This position will be funded by H2020 European Union programme.

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Postdoctoral researcher at the IMEM Research Group

Application Deadline: 10/12/2019
Ref: PD-CA

The IMEM Group at the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC) is looking for a Postdoctoral Researcher with broad experience in (Bio)Materials, Nanotechnology and Polymers/Biopolymers to develop a project on the development of (bio)polymeric materials for biomedical applications. The contract will be within the framework of IMEM-BRT research lines, whose objective is the development of new materials for regenerative therapies.
Specifically, the project involves the study of hydrogels as versatile platforms for specific (bio)applications using new chemistries, cell-friendly polymers (biopolymers and degradable synthetic polymers) and advanced manufacturing technologies. The research will involve three different areas that derive from the function, features, and source of hydrogels and, consequently, will require a wide range of skills (as per below).

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Tècnic d’IT (Ref. TI-JB)

Application Deadline: 10/12/2019
Ref: TI-JB

L’Institut de Bioenginyeria de Catalunya (IBEC) requereix incorporar un/-a tècnic/-a d’Informàtica a la unitat de d’Informàtica de l’IBEC, qui te la funció de proporcionar serveis i suport diaris als usuaris de l’Institut.

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