Run for the hills!

On Sunday the two representatives of the IBEC running team to take part in the Barcelona Marathon, Gabriel Gomila and Miguel Angel Mateos, completed the race within half a minute of each other.

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Escolab 2011


Yesterday 23 students from the Escola Técnica Profesional del Clot enjoyed a visit to IBEC and took part in some lab activities as part of the ESCOLAB initiative.

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Think Lab

In the first event of what’s hoped to become an ongoing collaboration, IBEC is joining forces with Barcelona’s Arts Santa Monica centre and the British Council this weekend for a special activity looking at the scientific laboratory from a cultural point of view.

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Better tools for food safety

On 2 February the kick-off meeting of a transnational project coordinated by postdoc Beatriz Prieto of the Nanobioengineering group took place at IBEC. The project, ‘Development of innovative tools for Ochratoxin A’, will evaluate and tackle the threat to humans and animals of exposure to mycotoxins (fungal metabolites) in food. 

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Kick-off meeting of the Connect-EU Nanobio+Nanomed working group

connect-eu IBEC

connect-eu IBECLast Thursday saw the kick-off meeting at IBEC of the Connect-EU Nanobio+Nanomed Working Group (WG). An initiative that aims to promote and reinforce Catalan participation in the EU’s instruments for research funding such as FP7 and the future FP8, the Connect-EU network of WGs covers a range of sectors, from the internet of the future to food technology and processing.

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