El día de demà: “Les malalties”

Yesterday IBEC appeared on Canal 33’s “El día de demà” programme in an episode about disease.

The programme, which is the brainchild of journalist Josep Puigbó and is directed by TV3 in association with l’Obra Social “la Caixa”, addressed the fact that in the last fifty years, life expectancy has increased by thirty years and that disciplines such as photonics, nanotechnology, robotics and augmented reality are opening new ways to diagnose, prevent or treat diseases of the future.

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Josep Samitier is interviewed on the subject throughout the programme, and Nuria Montserrat describes the possibilities in cardiac regeneration which are being opened up by combing stem cells with 3D bioprinting (minute 31”25) .

Mateu Pla also features, demonstrating IBEC’s 3D bioprinter and explaining how deposits of cells can be ‘printed’ onto supports to make viable bioactive constructs (32”52).