Elisabeth Engel at Santander Pioneros: it’s time to support science

Three protagonists of the medical research field in Spain debated in a new edition of the “Pioneros Santander” forum, organized virtually by El País Retina. Elisabeth Engel, group leader of Biomaterials for regenerative therapies at IBEC, Rocío Arroyo, CEO of Amadix and Eduardo Jorgensen, of Medicsen, also CEO, agreed to celebrate the greatest interest in their work area, the intersection between science, technology and health, but at the same time they were cautious: there are no shortcuts in research, neither before Covid-19 nor after.

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Could all these advances, which are the result of huge public and private investments, create a huge social gap in medical treatments? “Technology can cause inequalities,” said Engel, “but it can also mitigate them. We are seeing it with 3D printing: in the first world, orthopedic legs are manufactured and used in the most disadvantaged countries in Africa. ”

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