International experts in Bioengineering meet in Barcelona on the occasion of the 12th IBEC Symposium

On Wednesday July 17th, the 12th IBEC Annual Symposium was held at the Hotel Catalonia Plaza in Barcelona. With the participation of more than 300 assistants and the exhibition of more than 102 scientific posters, this year, the event focused on Bioengineering for active aging – one of the three main research areas of IBEC- and had the participation of three MIT speakers (Massachusets Institute of Technology), among others.

“Active aging” or “healthy life expectancy” is an indicator defined by WHO as the equivalent in years of life that individuals are expected to live in good health, and that is approximately a world average of 10 years Less than life expectancy. In recent years, researchers from around the world have put their attention on this indicator, because life expectancy is increasing and also the possibility of suffering diseases associated with aging, which puts the current health system at risk that will have to strengthen its effectiveness in the areas of health promotion and prevention.

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Advances in sensors, signal treatment, data analysis, robotics and intelligent control systems at IBEC are enabling the development of remote care or assisted living.

The event dealt with topics such as “lab-on-a-chip”, tissue and organoid bioengineering and its use for regeneration, biosensors, personalized medicine, and also had a presentation dedicated to the technology transfer on how to overcome the gap between research and large companies. The keynote speakers of the 12th IBEC Symposium were:

  • Josep Samitier, Institut for bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC)
  • Cécile Legallais, Université de Technologie de Compiègne (UTC)/CNRS
  • Francesco de Angelis, Instituto Italiano di Tecnologia
  • Jan Weber, Boston Scientific
  • Roger Kamm, MIT
  • Ming Guo, MIT
  • Ron Weis, MIT

The closing ceremony was chaired by the catalan Health minister, Alba Vergés, who also presented the awards for best Flash presentation, best scientific poster and best scientific video.