Famous for five minutes: TV3

IBEC Project manager Juan Fran Sangüesa made the news on 22 September when he was interviewed for the midday bulletin on TV3, the Catalan television channel.

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Along with other IBEC colleagues, Juan Fran was attending Jornada Connect-EU, a two-day forum for industry and researchers on EU financing, at the World Trade Center in Barcelona. He was filmed as he gave a presentation about the BOND project,  a research collaboration coordinated by Josep Samitier’s Laboratory of Nanobioengineering Research and involving other IBEC scientists, which the news report held up as an example of a major project that has merited investment by the EU.

Juan Fran was then interviewed by the broadcasters – sharing airtime with none other than the Catalan Minister for Innovation, Universities and Enterprises – and was asked to comment on his concerns about the current financial climate and projected budget cuts.

To watch the clip, visit http://www.tv3.cat/videos/3109630/TN-migdia-22092010 (minute 30′).