First issue of INSIDEIBEC now available

The new year sees the launch of IBEC’s newsletter, INSIDEIBEC. This quarterly bulletin will be a roundup of scientific, institutional and project news, and features covering IBEC’s personnel and their achievements.  It will also serve as a reference about forthcoming scientific activities such as seminars and workshops, training opportunities and events from the social side of the IBEC community.

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The first issue covers research news from the Molecular and Cellular Neurobiotechnology and Single Molecule Bionanophotonics groups, EU project news from the Biomechanics and Mechanobiology group, the launch of a new initiative in nanomedicine to be managed by IBEC, BioNanoMed Catalunya, and features on IBEC’s scientific publishing record, complementary skills training and the football team.

To read the first issue of INSIDEIBEC, click here.