IBEC an ‘outstanding’ example of H2020 success

IBEC is listed as an ‘outstanding’ Spanish research centre for Horizon 2020 funding in a recent report published by the Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (CDTI).

The institute, which coordinates eight H2020 projects and is a partner in two more, appears in the table ‘20 asociaciones de investigación más destacadas por retorno en H2020’ (pictured) in the CDTI’s ‘Participación española en Horizonte 2020: Resultados provisionales (2014-2017)’. This report presents the facts and figures behind the participation of Spanish universities, research centres, companies and other organisations in the EU’s current framework programme, which took over from FP7 in 2014.

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At the country level, Spain’s participation in H2020 puts it in fourth place after Germany, the UK and France, gaining €2.816m of the total funding of nearly €80 billion across 28 countries. Regionally, Catalonia has participated the most, receiving €830,4m, with Madrid coming second with €700,5m.

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