IBEC’s CRISPR and organ regeneration project wins Fira Recerca en Directe 2019 vote

This year an IBEC project has won the Fira Recerca en Directe 2019’s public poll for most popular project, with 26.94% of the votes.

“CRISPR and the regeneration of organs” is one 11 activities which will take place at the research fair on 6th -14th March 2019 in CosmoCaixa.
This annual festival of science, organised by Parc Cientic of Barcelona in collaboration with Obra Social “la Caixa”, is a chance for research groups and universities to bring the latest in research to the attention of the public and school-age visitors with exciting demonstration stands and activities.

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The winning IBEC project was developed by Núria Montserrat’s Pluripotency for Organ Regeneration group, and explains how genetic editing techniques such as CRISPR are applied in the quest for organ regeneration.

More than 500 people voted for the projects in the public poll, and IBEC’s winning one and ten more of the best were selected to be presented at the fair. Some of the other projects are by other BIST centres, including the IRB and IFAE.

More information: https://recercaensocietat.wordpress.com/fira/fira-recerca-en-directe-2019-2/