Israel’s former Chief Scientist among visitors for TAU/IBEC symposium

tauNext week, top scientists from Tel Aviv University (TAU), including Israel’s former Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Science and Technology, are visiting Barcelona to take part in a joint symposium with IBEC.

With many similarities between Catalonia and Israel – which are almost neck-and-neck when it comes to research output in Science and Nature, with over 30 publications per million inhabitants and similar levels of funding under FP7 – this event builds on the fact-finding mission of Artur Mas and Barcelona-based scientists to Israel last year and is supported by AGAUR.

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Director of CERCA Dr. Lluís Rovira will inaugurate the event, entitled “Nanobiotechnology and Nanomedicine: Moving forward the convergence between life sciences, medicine and engineering at the nanoscale”, at which group leaders from both sides will present their work and try to identify synergies and opportunities for collaboration.

Contributors from TAU include Ehud Gazit, one of the world’s leading researchers in nanotechnology, who also holds a Visiting Scientist position at MIT’s Center for Biomedical Engineering, and was Chief Scientist of Israel’s Ministry of Science and Technology until 2014. The other visiting speakers will be Dan Peer (FTA & Harnessing nanomedicine for precision therapy), Ronit Sachi-Fainaro (Polymer therapeutics), Itai Benhar (Drug-carrying phage nano medicines), and Tal Dvir (Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine).

From IBEC’s side, Josep Samitier, Xavier Fernández-Busquets, Samuel Sánchez, Pau Gorostiza, Gabriel Gomila, Elena Martínez, Elisabeth Engel and Nuria Montserrat will present their work, as will Lorenzo Albertazzi, the new tenure track group leader set to join IBEC in September. The 2-day symposium, which is taking place at the PCB on Monday and Tuesday, will also include panel discussions and networking events, and is expected to be attended by several journalists.

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