Management / Administration



Josep Samitier

Managing Director

David Badia

Assistant to the Director

Ester Sánchez | Tel. +34 934 039 706
Patricia González | Tel. +34 934 039 706


Support Services

People A-Z

A Javier Adrián Projects Office
Cristina Arimany Strategic Initiatives
B Julio Bafaluy IT
B Tania Bordoy Core Facilities
B Ciara Boter HR
B Ramona Bravo Core Facilities
C Laura Casas Finance
Daniel Caudepón Projects Office
Clara Civit Communications
Axel Conill IT
F Judith Forné Projects Office
G Teresa Galan Core Facilities
G Esther Gallardo Projects Office
G Karem García HR
G Raquel Garrido Projects Office
G Laura Gómez Core Facilities
G Ana María González Finance
G Diana González Tech Transfer
G Raquel Guillén HR
I David Izquierdo Core Facilities
K Anke Kleff HR
J Pilar Jiménez Communications
L Sonia Lertxundi Core Facilities
Judit Linacero Core Facilities
L Àngels López Communications
L Victòria López Finance
M Meritxell Macias Finance
Carolina Marí HR
M Toni Martin Finance
Alberto Mora Projects Office
M Rosa Miralles Projects Office
M Inma Moreno Core Facilities
M Mayte Muñoz Finance
O Isabel Oliveira Core Facilities
O Carles Ortega IMS
O Guillermo Orts Communications
P Berta Pla Finance
Xavier Puñet Tech Transfer
P Marc Purgimon IMS
S Isabel Saez Projects Office
Teresa Sanchis Strategic Initiatives
S Sandra Segura Core Facilities
S Javier Selva Projects Office
S Alejandro Silverio IT
V Sara Vicente Projects Office
V Neus Vilalta HR


Finance unit oversees all institutional accounting and purchasing practices including preparing budgets, financial reports, executing purchase orders, treasury management.

Head of Finance
Ana María González

Accounting Manager
Toni Martin

Accounting Technician
Victòria López
Laura Casas

Purchasing Technician
Mayte Muñoz

Finance Assistant
Berta Pla

Public Procurement Specialist
Meritxell Macias


The aim of the Human Resources Unit is to support IBEC’s mission through delivering high-level services throughout the organisation.

The HR Unit deals with all issues related to the employee life cycle: recruitment and selection, contracting, training and development, promotion, payroll, compensation and benefits, health and safety, employee and student visa, induction and leave management. The HR Unit provides a high quality, efficient, accurate and timely HR service to all stakeholders and effectively implements all HR policies.

Our Unit leads strategic projects such as the Human Resources Strategy for researchers (HRS4R) in line with the Principles of the Charter and Code of the European Commission, and the Equal Opportunities and Diversity Plan.

We attempt to incorporate best practice in programmes and services with feedback from our staff.

Head of Human Resources
Carolina Marí

Senior HR Officer
Anke Kleff

Human Resources Technician
Ciara Boter
Neus Vilalta
Karem García

Occupational Hazards Prevention Technician
Raquel Guillén

Core Facilities

The Core Facilities unit provides services and support to the IBEC laboratories daily operations. This comprises the management, organization and maintenance of the labs, including  working regulations and safety. Allows internal research scientists open access to centralized equipment. Training and information for students and researchers who join the institute about the organization and functioning of IBEC spaces. Configuration and launch of new laboratories.

Apart from routine laboratory equipment (Common Core Basics), Core Facilities provides additional sophisticated, state-of-the-art equipment to support the groups’ research. They are distributed in four different categories: MicroFabSpace (open to external institutions and companies), BioSpace, ChemSpace and Microscopy Characterization (partially open to external institutions and companies).


Head of Core Facilities
Dr. Isabel Oliveira

MicroFabSpace and Microscopy Characterization Facilities Coordinator
Dr. Teresa Galan

Microscopy and MicroFabSpace Characterization Facilities Technician
David Izquierdo
Judit Linacero
Sandra Segura

Laboratory Technician
Ramona Bravo
Laura Gómez
Inma Moreno

Administrative Assistant
Tania Bordoy
Sonia Lertxundi (UPC Campus Diagonal-Besòs)

Projects Office

Projects Office unit gives support to the research lines of IBEC in all aspects related to the management of their scientific activities, including looking for funding opportunities both for research and human resources, writing proposals for competitive calls, preparing contracts with private companies, management of the projects and contracts portfolio of the research line in a comprehensive way, finance management of the line, etc, in liaison with the rest of IBEC support areas. In addition, it organizes and coordinates IBEC internal research activities such as IBEC Strategic Research Initiatives, the programme of IBEC Seminars and PhD Discussions and the yearly IBEC Symposium on Bioengineering and Nanomedicine. Finally, this Unit will also lead any internal and cross-cutting support project related to IBEC’s Corporate Development.

Head of Projects Office
Javier Adrián
Groups: Nanoprobes and Nanoswitches, Nanoscale bioelectrical characterization, Molecular Bionics, Bioengineering in reproductive health.

Funding Manager
Esther Gallardo

Funding Technician
Raquel Garrido

Assistant to the Projects Office
Judith Forné

Project Managers

Daniel Caudepón
Groups: Cellular and respiratory biomechanics, Cellular and molecular mechanobiology, Integrative cell and tissue dynamics, Mechanics of development and disease.

Rosa Miralles
Groups: Nanomalaria, Pluripotency for organ regeneration, Nanoscopy for nanomedicine.

Alberto Mora
Groups: Signal and information processing for sensing systems, Alicia Casals (RA), Biomedical signal processing and interpretation, Smart nano-bio-devices, SPECS.

Isabel Saez
Groups: Biosensors for bioengineering, Molecular and cellular neurobiotechnology

Javier Selva
Groups: Nanobioengineering,  Biomimetic systems for cell engineering.

Sara Vicente
Groups: Biomaterials for regenerative therapies, Bacterial infections: antimicrobial therapies, Targeted therapeutics and nanodevices, Benedetta Bolognesi.


Tech Transfer


Technology Transfer unit provides support to the researchers in their liaisons with industry, hospitals and policy makers. It advises and guides on every aspect related to sponsored research and technology transfer, as well as contributing to the Institute’s alliances and long-term partnerships and strategic development to link better research results to society.

Interim Head of Tech Transfer Office
Diana González

Project Manager
Xavier Puñet

Integrated Management Systems

The Integrated Management Systems (IMS) unit integrates all of the organization’s systems and processes into one complete framework, enabling it to work as a single unit.

IMS Developer
Carles Ortega

Junior Developer
Marc Purgimon




Strategic Initiatives

The Strategic Initiatives unit provides strategic advice and support to the Director in all matters related to scientific affairs of IBEC. Moreover, the unit fosters and coordinates (a) institutional and strategic projects such as Severo Ochoa, EIT Health and and institutional networks as the NanoMed Spain, (b) international alliances and partnerships, and (c) the academic and scientific activities of the institute.

Head of Strategic Initiatives
Teresa Sanchis

Project Manager
Cristina Arimany




hr unit


The aim of the Communications Unit is to provide support to IBEC´s mission, protecting and promoting IBEC’s international reputation as a world-class center of excellence in bioengineering, advanced training, innovation and public engagement. It delivers scientific and institutional news, press releases and institutional documents across all key stakeholder groups. It also manages IBEC’s websites, corporate image and social media presence. It prepares printed, graphic and online materials related to IBEC activities, and it organizes high-impact events, conferences and symposia. The Communications Unit fosters Public Relations, IBEC´s fundraising programm Faster Future and the Club of IBEC´s SuperFriends called Superamigos del IBEC. It also runs a wide program of outreach activities including school visits, open days and attendance at careers fairs and science exhibitions.

The Communications Unit at IBEC it is a full member of the National Network of Scientific Culture and Innovation Units (UCC+i) and it holds the Seal of Educative Quality awarded by Barcelona City Council’s Institute of Education.

Head of Communications and Public Relations
Guillermo Orts

Coordinator of Events and Outreach
Pilar Jiménez

Coordinator of Media Relations and Branding
Àngels López

Events and Communications Officer
Clara Civit

Communications Officer

Bea Moreno

Internship Assistant

Lara López


The IT unit maintains and optimizes the computer systems of the institute and gives support to research lines by suggesting the software and hardware needed. It supports users in the fields of computation, telecommunications and networks and ensures the integrity of the information stored in the different systems.

IT Manager
Julio Bafaluy

IT Technician
Axel Conill
Alejandro Silverio