Josep Samitier | Group Leader
David Caballero | Senior Researcher
Anna Lagunas | Senior Researcher
Mònica Mir | Senior Researcher
Margarita Alvira | Postdoctoral Researcher
Luís Botaya | PhD Student
Roberto Paoli | PhD Student
Luís G. Rigat-Brugarolas | PhD Student
Xavier Coromina | Research Assistant
Wilmer Alfonso Pardo | Research Assistant
Miriam Funes | Laboratory Technician
David Izquierdo | Laboratory Technician
Samuel Dulay | Research Technician
Judit Pérez | Masters Student
Iro Tsintzou | Masters Student


The Nanobioengineering group is a truly multidisciplinary team composed by researchers coming from very diverse backgrounds (chemistry, physics, material science, electronic engineering, pharmacy and molecular biology) and working together in applying nanotechnology to the development of new biomedical systems and devices, mainly for diagnostic purposes.


The main activities of the group involve the surface functionalization of materials integrated with microfluidics systems for the study of biomolecule and cell interactions to develop Organ on Chip or for the development of new biosensors that will be integrated in lab-on-a-chip devices. The goal is to fabricate microsystems containing living cells that recapitulate tissue and organ level functions in vitro and new portable diagnosis devices that can be used as Point-of-Care systems.

The projects carried out by the group are focused on clinical and industrial problems and are related to four convergent research lines:


Neuro Muscular Junction formation in compartmentalized microfluidic devices

Biosensors and Lab-on-a-chip for clinical diagnosis and food safety applications

  • DNA sensors and platform arrays for cancer biomarker detection
  • Antibody-based sensors for pathogenic microorganisms’ detection
  • Sensor array for in-vivo Ischemia Monitoring
  • Sensors to mimic the chemical detection of plant roots for robotic applications.
  • Microfluidic chip for reagent handling in POC diagnosis devices
  • Microfluidic chip using hydrodynamic focusing for bacteria counting and sorting

Fluorescence images of anti-E.coli O157 antibody pattern before and after bacteria detection.

Nanotechnology applied to biomolecule interaction studies and micro/nano-environments for regenerative medicine applications

  • Design, production and characterization of micro/nanoenviroments with different biocompatible materials for cell behavior studies (adhesion, proliferation, differentiation)
  • Design, production and characterization of scaffolds with a topography and chemical composition controlled at the nanoscale for regenerative therapies based on stem cells
  • Biophysical description of cellular phenomena (cell migration, differentiation) using micro/nanotechnologies, cell biology tools and soft matter physics.
  • Magnetic nanoparticles-biomolecules interactions and their applications

Microfluidic systems for biological studies and Organ-on-Chip devices

  • Microfluidic chip for blood/plasma filtering
  • Spleen on a Chip development
  • Nanoporous based systems for kidney on chip developments.Engineering microfluidic platforms for neurobiological studies.
  • Engineering microfluidic platforms for neurobiological studies.

Sensor array for in vivo Ischemia detection



Josep Samitier selected as Spanish expert in bio- and nanotechnology for OECD

IBEC Director Josep Samitier is one of the four delegates for Spain nominated to take part in the new Working Party on Biotechnology, Nanotechnology and Converging Technologies (BNCT) of the OECD, which will start work in January 2015.

Faster and more accurate testing for causes of lower respiratory tract infections

Research and industry collaboration develops miniature diagnostic platform for respiratory infections such as pneumonia and infectious bronchitis Featured on the cover of the latest issue of Lab on a Chip

“Crean en España el primer bazo dentro de un chip capaz de actuar como este órgano humano”

The recent press release about the design of the first-ever functional 3D splenon capable of reproducing the function of the spleen, which is to filter red blood cells, by researchers from IBEC and CRESIB received lots of media coverage. Below are just a few examples.

“Càpsules de Ciència: Josep Samitier”

IBEC Director Josep Samitier stars in one of the Associació per a la Divulgació de la Cultura Cientifica (ADICC)’s ‘Càpsules de Ciència’, a series of videos highlighting biomedical and biotechnology researchers in Catalonia. In the video, he explains nanobiotechnology with the submarine on Ronda de Dalt as a backdrop, which represents the way nanodevices can travel through our bodies much like tiny submarines on a rescue mission.

Researchers and clinicians create first functional human ‘splenon-on-a-chip’

Scientists from IBEC and ISGlobal’s research centre CRESIB have designed the first-ever functional 3D splenon capable of reproducing the function of the spleen, which is to filter red blood cells.

“Nanorobots de disseny per atacar la malària”

IBEC Director and Head of Nanobioengineering, Josep Samitier, and the head of the joint IBEC/CRESIB unit on Nanomalaria, Xavier Fernández-Busquets, both featured in an article in the Catalan daily newspaper Ara this weekend.

“El hombre biónico ya no es una utopía”

IBEC appears in an article about bionics and rebuilding the human body published in Argentine daily newspaper El Tribuno (Salta), when Josep Samitier is quoted as an expert opinion on the subject.

IBEC researcher in first class of d·HEALTH Barcelona

IBEC senior researcher Mateu Pla is one of the first class of just 12 fellows chosen for the first Design Health Barcelona (d·HEALTH Barcelona) higher education programme, which starts this week.

“El futur augura que tindrem la salut a l’abast de la mà”

An interview with IBEC director Josep Samitier features in the summer edition of Alma, the magazine of the Obra Social “La Caixa”.

“Herramientas para diseñar laboratorios que caben en un chip”

In this week’s Diario Medico Special on Diagnostic Therapies, IBEC acting director Josep Samitier’s expert opinion is quoted in an article about lab-on-a-chip technologies.

A promising strategy to target malaria

A paper by the Nanobioengineering group reveals a new strategy for targeted malaria treatment that doesn’t rely on the use of expensive antibodies.

New generation robots – inspired by plants

Last week saw the start of the three-year European project PLANTOID, of which IBEC’s Nanobioengineering group is a partner, which aims to design and develop robots inspired by plants.

A journey through the technological revolution

IBEC associate director Josep Samitier officially opened the Tecnorrevolución exhibition at Barcelona’s CosmoCaixa museum last night.

“Sin un andamio de apoyo”

IBEC associate director Josep Samitier is an expert opinion quoted in El Periodico last week regarding a story about a Japanese study that succeeded in growing an embryonic eye from the stem cells of mice. He describes this first successful attempt to obtain a complex three-dimensional structure spontaneously as an important breakthrough, as it opens new avenues into coaxing the growth of cells using a method that the researchers describe as an ‘inside job’ rather than using a support structure as is usually the case.

3rd BOND Consortium Meeting at IBEC

The members of the BOND consortium met at IBEC at the beginning of last week for the 3rd technical meeting of the EU-funded international project.

Better tools for food safety

On 2 February the kick-off meeting of a transnational project coordinated by postdoc Beatriz Prieto of the Nanobioengineering group took place at IBEC. The project, ‘Development of innovative tools for Ochratoxin A’, will evaluate and tackle the threat to humans and animals of exposure to mycotoxins (fungal metabolites) in food.

Spanish Minister for Education visits Nanobioengineering group

On a tour of the Parc Científic de Barcelona (PCB) earlier this week, the Minister for Education, Ángel Gabilondo, paid a visit to IBEC’s Nanobioengineering lab and spoke at length to Associate Director Josep Samitier about his group’s research.

E-News Biocat: “Nanomedicine: Where Nanotechnology, biotechnology and the health sciences come together”

IBEC associate director Josep Samitier is a contributor to the January edition of Biocat’s e-newsletter.

El Pais: “Cuestión de límites”

“A Question of Limits” – an article written by associate director Josep Samitier to accompany a feature by El Pais journalist Mónica López Ferrado, “Los ‘nanoriesgos’ no son tan diminutos” (“‘Nanorisks’ are not so small’).

IBEC lends nanotech expertise to national exhibition

If you’ve ever wanted to move an object using the power of your mind, predict the spread of a virus and the development of a pandemic, or watch a mini robot travel through the body to deliver a drug, you need look no further than the new Tecnorevolució exhibition, which has been created with IBEC’s associate director Josep Samitier as scientific adviser.

Famous for five minutes: TV3

IBEC Project manager Juan Fran Sangüesa made the news on 22 September when he was interviewed for the midday bulletin on TV3, the Catalan television channel.

El Periódico de Catalunya: “Estamos desarrollando una nariz bioelectrónica que será capaz de diagnosticar enfermedades”

In an interview, Josep Samitier, IBEC’s associated director and group leader of Nanobioengineering research group, explains the scientific basis and the development of a bioelectronic device to detect diseases.

La Vanguardia Sunday debate section: “El reto de la nanotecnología – Aportación minúscula, mejora grande”

Josep Samitier, IBEC’s associated director and group leader of Nanobioengineering research group, analyzes the challenges and contributions of nanotechnology.

Novel Evolutionary Theory for the Explosion of Life

The Cambrian Explosion is widely regarded as one of the most relevant episodes in the history of life on Earth, when the vast majority of animal phyla first appear in the fossil record. However, the causes of its origin have been object of debate for decades and the question of what was the trigger for the single cell microorganisms Precambrian Age (500 Mio. Years ago) to assemble and organize into multicellular organisms (Metazoans) has remained unanswered until now.

Project Kick-off for a New Bioelectronic Nose

Advances in odour sensing technologies and artificial intelligence have given impetus to the use of smell in various fields, such as food safety, disease diagnosis, security, and the environment. Current electronic noses, based on electronic sensors, have considerable limitations in terms of sensitivity, reliability, and selectivity.

The Guardian Supplement: Nanotechnology 2009 – Part 2

“Ask the Experts”: In an interview, Josep Samitier, Associate Director of IBEC, talks about the potential, the impact and the contributions of nanobiotechnology.

Josep Samitier appointed Rector of the University of Barcelona

Josep Samitier, head of the IBEC nanobioengineering group, was appointed Acting Rector of the University of Barcelona (UB) on 21 April.

La recerca al Laboratori de Nanobioenginyeria de l’IBEC a El Periódico

La recerca al Laboratori de Nanobioenginyeria de l’IBEC a El Periódico El passat dilluns 14 de gener, el diari El Periódico de Catalunya, dins la secció de Societat i Ciència, destacava la actualitat i la rellevància de la recerca en cèl·lules mare per a aplicacions terapèutiques, i concretament la recerca que es porta a terme a l’IBEC, dins el grup de recerca de Micro/nanosistemes per aplicacions biomèdiques dirigit pel Prof. Josep Samitier.

The textbook Molecular Cell Biology selects a figure from a nanobioengineering researcher at IBEC

The prestigious reference textbook Molecular Cell Biology (Lodish et al.) has selected for its 6th edition (2008) a figure from the researcher at the nanobioengineering laboratory at the IBEC, Dr. Xavier Fernández-Busquets. Thanks to this important recognition of scientific excellence, the IBEC is the only Spanish institution appearing in the acknowledgements of the textbook, out of a total of 150 universitites and research centres.


EU-funded projects
PLANTOID: Innovative Robotic Artefacts Inspired by Plant Roots for Soil Monitoring ICT Josep Samitier
National projects
Universal diagnostic platforms based on oligonucleotide cofidied nanoparticles and DNA microarray sensor devices I+D-Investigación fundamental no orientada Josep Samitier


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Nanofabrication and nanomanipulation

  • Automatized microcontact printing system (custom-made)
  • Dip-Pen Nanolithography system (DPN)
  • Nanoplotter NPM
  • Nanotechnology Platform (PCB): equipment for hot embossing lithography, polymer processing and photolithography, chemical wet etching, e-beam evaporation


  • Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR)
  • Quartz crystal microbalance (QCM)
  • Optical Waveguide Lightmode Spectroscope (OWLS)
  • Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)
  • Optical Microscopes (white light/epifluorescence)
  • Impedance spectroscopes
  • Precision Impedance Analyzer
  • Sub-femtoamp Remote SourceMeter Instrument

Molecular/cell biology

  • Biological safety cabinet (class II)
  • Microwell plate readers
  • Protein and DNA electrophoresis systems
  • Nanodrop spectrophotometer

Microfluidics laboratory

  • High precision syringe pumps
  • Peristaltic pumps



  • Microfluidic ChipShop GmbH
  • Prof. Barbara Mazzolai IIT Center for Micro-BioRobotics (CMBR), Pontedera, Italy
  • Prof. Josep Maria Canals University of Barcelona, Spain
  • Dr. José Antonio Andrades Universidad de Málaga, Spain
  • Prof. Fernando Albericio Institut de Recerca Biomédica (IRB), Barcelona, Spain
  • Tallers Fiestas S.L.
  • Enantia S.L.
  • Biokit S.A. (Werfen group)
  • Genomica S.A.U. (Zeltia group)
  • Prof. Ramón Eritja Institut de Recerca Biomédica (IRB), Barcelona (Spain)
  • Dr. Hernando del Portillo Centro de Investigación en Salud Internacional de Barcelona (CRESIB), Barcelona (Spain)
  • Prof. Andre Bernard MNT- NTB, Buchs, Switzerland
  • Prof. Daniel Riveline ISIS/IGBMC, Strasbourg
  • Prof. Albert van den Berg University of Twente (The Netherlands)
  • Dr. Jaume Reventós Hospital Vall d’Hebrón, Barcelona (Spain)
  • Dr. Juan C. Izpisúa CMRB, Barcelona (Spain)
  • Dr. Mª Pilar Marco IIQAB-CSIC, Barcelona (Spain)
  • Dr. M. Lluïssa Pérez Dept. Farmacología, University of Barcelona (Spain)
  • Prof. Joan Bausells CNM-CSIC, Barcelona (Spain)
  • Prof. Vasco Teixeira Universidade do Minho, Braga (Portugal)
  • Prof. Jean-Louis Marty Université de Perpignan Via Domitia (France)
  • Dr. Nicole Jaffrezic Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (France)
  • Dr. Matthew Dalby University of Glasgow (UK)
  • Prof. Molly M. Stevens Imperial College, London (UK)
  • Dr. Graham Johnson Uniscan Instruments Ltd, Buxton (UK)
  • Prof. G. Fuhr FhG Biomedicine, St. Ingbert, Germany
  • Dr. Max M. Burger Novartis AG, Switzerland, and Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, USA
  • Prof. D. Anselmetti Universität Bielefeld, Germany
  • Prof. François Rossi JRC – ISPRA
  • Prof. M. Madou University of California at Irvine, USA
  • Prof. M. Sampietro Politecnico di Milano, Italy
  • Prof. H. Börner Max-Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Golm, Germany
  • Prof. Paolo Dario Center for Micro-BioRobotics IIT@SSSA, Pisa, Italy
  • Dr. Edith Pajot INRA, France
  • Dr. Christophe Vieu LAAS-CNRS Toulouse, France
  • Prof. E. Faszewski Wheelock College, Boston, USA
  • Prof. L. Reggiani INFM, Nanotechnology Laboratory, Lecce, Italy


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