Obesity study on front cover of Proteomics – Clinical Applications

Researchers working at the Signal and Information Processing for Sensing Systems group and at the Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences have published a study selected as the front cover of a special issue of the journal Proteomics: Clinical Applications.

The paper, whose first author is PhD student Sergio Oller, identifies proteins associated with weight loss and maintenance, and explores their relation to body mass index, fat mass, and insulin resistance and sensitivity, identifying potential biomarkers for weight loss and maintenance.

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The work, much of which was done during Sergio’s research stay at NIHS in Lausanne, Switzerland, in 2015, was part of the pan-European DiOGenes study, which involved data taken from nearly 500 overweight subjects who underwent a low-calorie meal replacement diet intervention, followed by a weight maintenance period.

Article citation:
Sergio Oller, Ornella Cominetti, Antonio Núñez, Irina Irincheeva, John Corthésy, Arne Astrup, Wim H.M. Saris, Jörg Hager, Martin Kussmann, Loïc Dayon (2018). “The differential plasma proteome of obese and overweight individuals undergoing a nutritional weight loss and maintenance intervention”. Proteomics – Clinical Applications, Special Issue: Proteomics of Diabetes, Obesity, and Related Disorders, 12, 1