Research news

Shedding light on metastasis in the brain

Researchers have shown for the first time that ion channels that are capable of detecting changes in the physical properties of the cellular environment play a key role in tumor invasion and metastasis.

The discovery, led by led by Miguel Angel Valverde from the Department of Experimental and Health Sciences of the UPF and involving IBEC’s Integrative Cell and Tissue Dynamics group, could open new avenues in the development of new drugs that reduce the risk of metastasis.

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Other news

Visit of Barcelona Global members to IBEC

IBEC is one of the research centres that are transforming Barcelona into a global science hub: this was the rationale behind the visit on Thursday of 25 members of Barcelona Global, the association that aims to make Barcelona a magnet for talent and economic activity.

The delegates enjoyed a viewing of IBEC’s video, a general presentation of the institute from director Josep Samitier, and then a short tour of the some of IBEC’s laboratories.

The visit was part of an initiative to bring Barcelona Global’s members to the leading research centers in the city that are contributing to its status as a global science hub. As well as visiting IBEC, the delegates also went to the Barcelona Supercomputing Center.

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