Research news

IBEC researchers uncover strategy to reduce chemotherapy side effects

Researchers at IBEC and IDIBELL have developed a light-regulated molecule that could improve chemotherapy treatments by controlling the activity of anticancer agents.

Chemotherapy – the use of cytotoxic agents to kill the rapidly proliferating cells in tumors – is one of our main tools in the fight against cancer. However, its effectiveness and the body’s tolerance of it is often dramatically limited: it can affect healthy areas rather than just the cancerous ones, which causes side effects.

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Other news

Nano experts in town for nanoBio&Med2018

The nanoBio&Med2018 International Conference opened today with IBEC Director Josep Samitier chairing the first round of talks, in which group leader Samuel Sanchez is the first speaker.

Other IBEC speakers and participants throughout the three-day event will include Rafael Mestre, Anna Lagunas, Silvia Pujals, Xavier Arqué and Samuel Ojosnegros, as well as UCL’s Giuseppe Battaglia, who will join the institute soon.

Taking place at the PCB, the IBEC-supported event – now in its fourth year – presents the most recent international developments in the fields of nanobiotechnology and nanomedicine and will provide a platform for multidisciplinary communication, new cooperations and projects to participants from both science and industry.

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