Research news

Identified a new repairing mechanism of the peripheral nervous system by applyting bioengineering techniques

The Molecular and cellular neurobiotechnology group with the collaboration of the Nanobioengineering group, both of them at IBEC, have applied a new light-stimulated technique to modulate muscular activity and stimulate cell regeneration of the peripheral nervous system.

Thanks to this research they have discovered that muscle activity can activate the neurons and accelerate their regeneration after an injury.

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Other news

IBEC renews the accreditation as a unit of scientific culture and innovation

IBEC’s Communication Unit is again credited as a member of the Network of the Scientific Culture and Innovation Units (UCC + i), through the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) for its contribution to the scientific culture.

The Scientific Culture and Innovation Units (UCC+i) act as intermediaries between institutions and citizens, with the aim of promoting scientific, technological and innovation culture.

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