Research news

Two promising avenues in the fight against antibiotic resistance

IBEC’s Bacterial infections: antimicrobial therapies group have published two papers offering new hope in the urgent search for antimicrobials.

“We desperately need antimicrobials,” says Eduard Torrents. “Antibiotic resistance is one of the greatest threats to human health today, and the time is fast approaching when routine procedures will be much more risky.”
Not only have some common infections or illnesses become resistant to the antibiotics usually used to treat them, a really pressing medical problem now is the rapid rise of ‘superbugs’ or multidrug-resistant bacteria, which are immune to almost all of the antibiotics that are currently available.

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Other news

IBEC joins the Magnet program for the educational innovation

This past Tuesday 22 of January took place the first meeting among the cloister of the school Gayare de Sants with the scientists and IBEC staff in the framework of the Magnet program. It was an interactive and practical day attended by 20 teachers from the centre.

“Magnet, alliances for educational success” is a program that unites educational centres that have an unbalanced social composition with an institution of excellence for 4 years. This union will allow the educational centre to develop an innovative project that will become a reference project in its territory.

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