Core Facilities


IBEC provides its researchers with extensive research facilities and a scientific–technical infrastructure distributed over interdisciplinary open lab spaces. IBEC’s Core Facilities are designed and managed to facilitate research and promote the interaction and exchange of knowledge between IBEC scientists from different fields of expertise.

Apart from routine laboratory equipment (Common Core Basics), Core Facilities provides additional sophisticated, state-of-the-art equipment to support the groups’ research. They are distributed in four different categories: MicroFabSpace (open to external institutions and companies), BioSpace, ChemSpace and Microscopy Characterization (partially open to external institutions and companies).

Dr. Isabel Oliveira | Head of Core Facilities
Dr. Mateu Pla | Scientific Coordinator
Marina Cazorla | MicroFabSpace Technician
Judit Linacero | Microscopy and MicroFabSpace Technician
Ramona Bravo | Laboratory Technician
Miriam Funes | Laboratory Technician
Laura Gómez | Laboratory Technician
Inma Moreno | Laboratory Technician
Jenifer González | Laboratory Technician
Alícia Nadal | MicroFabSpace Assistant
Tania Bordoy | Administrative Assistant