Three minutes of fame

ana3minutesIBEC PhD student Ana Solorzano has been selected as one of the 10 finalists from 300 participants in a “Thesis in 3 Minutes” competition that will take place at the 2016 Jornadas de Cooperación CONACyT-Catalunya (JCCC) next week.

Ana, who is doing her PhD in the Signal and Information Processing for Sensing Systems group of Santiago Marco, will present the condensed explanation of her work, entitled “Fuego, Sensores de Gas, Reconocimiento de Patrones, Intoxicación”, at the finals of the competition at the JCCC event on 13th June.

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The “Thesis in 3 Minutes” competition aims to present research topics in an accessible manner to society and, at the same time, promote the communication skills of researchers and raise awareness of the importance of disseminating their activities well. Ana will be up against nine other finalists from centers including the UAB, the UPF and the UB, as well as from institutions in Malaga and Cantabria.

The JCCC event held at the Campus Nord, aims to create a forum where Mexican students in Catalonia can gather to share experiences and learn about their different areas of knowledge. It is organized by Mexico’s Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (CONACyT) and the UPC, and is supported by the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre, the Mexican Consulat, the Seminary of Mexican Culture in Barcelona and the Mexican Talent Network Abroad.

You can watch Ana’s 3-minute video presentation here.

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