11th Barcelona Cognition Brain and Technology summer school taking place at IBEC’s newest location

More than thirty students from all over the world have arrived at the UPC Campus Diagonal-Besòs for the 11th Barcelona Cognition Brain and Technology summer school (BCBT2018), an annual event co-organised by IBEC’s SPECS group.

As in previous years, the summer school has invited top speakers in the fields of brain research, cognitive science, neuroscience, and artificial intelligence, including Tony Prescott from the University of Sheffield, who’s co-organiser of the event alongside SPECS group leader Paul Verschure and senior researcher Anna Mura. This year, the event is also supported by the Human Brain Project.

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The summer school’s morning lectures promote a systems-level understanding of the functional architecture of the brain and its possible emulation in artificial systems. In the afternoons, the students will work together on projects in the lab – such as using theory of mind and brain or robot simulators to explore brain regions and predict behavior – which they will present at the end of the two weeks.