Angewandte Chemie cover for Nanoprobes group

The latest cover of the respected chemistry journal Angew Chem features the Nanoprobes and Nanoswitches group’s paper, released online last month, that describes a strategy to quickly and reversibly impair the function of specific proteins using light-regulated inhibitory peptides. As well as being chosen for the cover, their paper was among the 5% to be included in the ‘Very Important Paper’ section of the journal, and has also been extensively publicised in the press both here and abroad.

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Pau Gorostiza and the IRB’s Ernest Giralt and their teams synthesized two peptides which change shape upon irradiation with light, so allowing or preventing specific protein-protein interactions. “Photo-sensitive peptides act like traffic lights – they can be made to give a green or red light for cell endocytosis,” says Pau. “They allow the use of focalized light to control and study biological processes.”