IBEC group leader opens Premis ceremony

IBEC group leader Elena Martínez gave the opening speech at Tuesday’s Premis Extraordinaris de Batxillerat 2016-2017 ceremony at the Palau de la Generalitat de Catalunya.

IBEC regularly hosts young winners of the prestigious award, which is the government’s recognition of excellence for students completing their baccalaureate studies in the two years before university. To qualify, candidates need their total mark for the entire baccalaureate to equal or be more than 8,75.

As well as being something to put on their CV, the award offers exemption from university fees for the first year, a free course at an official language school, the possibility to participate in the National Baccalaureate Awards, and a stay in a research institution related to the student’s field of interest.

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Every year IBEC hosts at least one or two of the winners for their research centre stay.