Pere Roca-Cusachs winner of the SBE-40 prize 2018

The Executive Council of the Sociedad de Biofísica de España has awarded the 2018 Enrique Pérez-Payá SBE-40 prize to Pere Roca-Cusachs, IBEC group leader and associate professor at the UB, for his outstanding contributions to uncovering the physical basis of cellular responses to mechanical signals.

The prize has been awarded every year since 2010 and is in memory of Dr. Enrique Pérez-Payá, who contributed to the development, translation and internationalization of biophysics in Spain.

Pere will deliver a talk and receive his award at the 6th Iberian / 10th Iberoamerican Biophysics Congress in Castellón on 20th-22nd June.

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The Sociedad de Biofísica de España was established in 1986. Its main objective is to promote contact between biophysicists working in Spain and the international biophysics community.