The third edition of the “Crazy about Bioengineering” program is ongoing

They are crazy, yes, but about science. 24 high-school students from different schools around Catalonia participate together with the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC) in the “Crazy about Science” program, promoted by Catalunya-La Pedrera Foundation since 2013.

This is the third year in a row that IBEC gets involved in this initiative and, as always, the aim is to encourage scientific vocations among young students.

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As in previous editions, this year’s “crazies” went through a long recruitment process to enter the program. Thanks to that, now they can enjoy several theoretical and practical sessions on bioengineering that will take place on Saturdays at IBEC facilities.

Students will have the opportunity to see how researchers work in an international reference research center and will be able to learn different bioengineering disciplines with the aim to help solving health challenges.

In particular, this year’s course at IBEC will include sessions on good laboratory practices, microfluidics, antibiotic resistant bacteria, artificial organs, bioimplants, nanobiotechnology, genome editing or engineered tissues. They will not only acquire expertise in bioengineering for health, participants will also have the chance to learn about ethical questions related to the research field and also on how to communicate science.

In total, 14 of the 22 IBEC research groups will participate in this year’s edition of the “Crazy about Science” program, that will consist on 16 sessions where 24 students —16 girls and 8 boys—, 32 researchers and 8 support staff.